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#currentvibe #neutronic I hood thoe.. I am, I am… “rebel outlaw, dats da same shxt Pac uh say” ~Dro

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#GQstyle #ESPN #FastCommunications… I try to stay up to date wit yall. It good for a young king to be in tune with the trends in his kingdom. #princeNEUTRON

I’m tryna push up thoe, on sum thug shxt… Gimmie dat! Hahahaha. #onmysteez

Where all da goofy chicks at.. I need a bxtch I can clown arnd and get into all sorts of mischievous conduct wit!

Go follow follow local radio host @valencia_king for her interview with @paulwall and catch her show its #TONIGHT [details & links on her page]

On my steeez, and I just turned 30, also I like ladies that eat meat, slight pun intended but I really couldn’t do the vegans thing for more than 30days a year maybe. I like grilled meats. #GOAT #30isthenew23 and really 23 year old jets should more so be behaving like they are 30.